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CALLERLAB's Marketing Manual has information you can use for your clubs!!!


At the 2018 NSDC in Kansas City, square dance Caller Mike Hogan presented in a seminar an overview of the "The CALLERLAB Square Dance Marketing Manual".  Mike, who has worked in marketing, sales and management for over thirty years, worked on and wrote most pages of the manual.  He states that it is to be read in sections---like an automobile manual, not a novel!  There are sections on Marketing Fundamentals, Tactics, Resources, Fundraising, and of course, many others.  CALLERLAB offers the manual FREE OF CHARGE; go to the menu bar on this website, titled: "Documents", and look for The CALLERLAB Square Dance Marketing Manual, or contact them at: .

Their March 8, 2018 version of the manual is 91 pages long; this is version 1, and any edits or additions will be announced.

129 Pictures --- From the 70th NSDC in Jackson, MS, are on web site; go to:

123 Pictures --- Best of the 68th NSDC in Atlanta are on web site; go to:

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