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What's Next?

There's a change in the works---a new URL for this website:  


"Life is not waiting for the storm to end,

It's learning to dance in the rain"



The project has been revitalized!

"Michael Streby has agreed to help with a revitalized video project. The goal of this project is to create professionally produced video of various groups involved with Square Dancing. Individual videos will be designed to convey our message to specific demographic groups of non-dancers. Each video will be based on market research to appeal to target demographic non-dancers.


The very good news is - these videos are NOT intended to be aired on television, but instead will be posted on FACEBOOK and other social media. The plan is to also make them available to local, state, and regional groups for additional promotion.


This version of the video production and promotion project was discussed and approved during the 2018 ARTS meeting In Kansas City, MO on Sunday, July 1, 2018 immediately following the 67th NSDC. During the meeting there was agreement that this project will be designated as one of the goals of the Re-Imaging fund raising project.


For more information contact the ARTS Re-Image Project Leaders; Jim & Judy Taylor ( and Arts Executive Diector; Jerry Reed ("

Another project of The ARTS Re-Image program is to get new marketing information to all the clubs in order to expand their classes, gain new members, and retain existing dancers.  See the link to the official adoption of this program to The ARTS on the "DOCUMENTS" page of this web site.



Please click on: to enter your club information for our marketing database.  This will give us a contact to provide your club with the marketing information we are expecting to get from the CALLERLAB Marketing Committee.  Your club will benefit by having new material to use. Clubs will be able to choose material from one of three different age groups.  There will be video, voice, and script for flyers and media use.

Visions and Dreams

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"   ---Abe Lincoln

Remember when our National Conventions had 30,000 dancers?  Why can't it be done again?!  There are more people in the world now than ever.  The focus on a lot of people's minds seems to be health.  Can they be convinced that exercising while socializing can be more fun than a running on a treadmill or sweating it out in an aerobics class?  We just need to let them know!

On that subject, a marketing specialist giving a talk at a CALLERLAB Convention said,"One of the reasons that people aren't talking about Square Dancing is PEOPLE AREN'T TALKING ABOUT SQUARE DANCING!"  What if each day we just mentioned the words square dancing to someone---not with the intent of "getting them", but just for increasing their awareness of the activity.  We need to let them know!

There are lots of ex-dancers who still think highly of the activity.  Can we entice them to advertise for us?  Would they be willing to bring up and talk about how much fun they had, even though they aren't dancing now?  Could we contact them and ask if they would be our "ambasadors", to keep the activity alive?  Maybe we just need to ask...

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