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This web site is devoted to creating a newer, more modern image of Square Dancing, to be introduced to the public and non-dancers in the hope that more people will see the benefits of a lively lifestyle, which includes dancing.  The main purpose of the site is to make this information readily available for clubs' publicity and marketing efforts.

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“Re-Imaging Square Dance”, a program of The ARTS


This program started as an effort to help the clubs recruit more new dancers.  The intent is to publicize a new, exciting, modernized logo and slogan, and define an image of square dancing to which the public will respond. 


The next phase of this program is to get new marketing information to all the clubs in order to expand their classes, gain new members, and retain existing dancers.  See the link to the official adoption of this program to The ARTS on the "DOCUMENTS" page of this web site.


The New Square Dance Logo


The logo was designed by Zackery Turner, an artist in Medford, Oklahoma.  The British Columbia Square and Round Dance Federation had commissioned the logo, so that its members would have something a bit more modern to use on promotion posters. The ARTS board voted on and accepted the logo to be used as the start of their new “Re-Imaging Square Dance” project in late 2014.  The purpose of this design is mainly to have a new “brand” to use in marketing to the non-dancer.  We hope it can become a recognizable symbol of square dancing.

Live Lively Square Dance Logo

The slogan, “Live Lively --- Square Dance”

This slogan was chosen after reviewing multiple phrases used by various clubs around the nation.  A square dance caller/marketing professional, Mike Hogan, suggested many reasons for adopting this slogan; it was also voted on to be used in future marketing material.  As Mike explained it, “Lively is an adjective that means full of life and energy, active and outgoing, energetic, animated, spirited, vivacious, enthusiastic, vibrant, exuberant, cheerful, zestful, and exciting.”

The "Slogo"


The slogan, “Live Lively– Square Dance!” can be used in conjunction with the logo, or separately, and also as the “slogo”. This is being incorporated into many forms of marketing.

Live Lively Square Dance Slogo

Examples of colors and versions


This link will take you to the Brittish Columbia web site where you can find multiple examples.  Permission is graciously given by the British Columbia Federation to copy and use the logo in promotion of square dancing, and to change color and overall size, but not the proportions     



Zack’s color changing routine for his higher resolution logos is at:  

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